Global Remote Optimal Workforce: expand your IT workforce with international talent Cover

Global Remote Optimal Workforce: expand your IT workforce with international talent

Companies have to explore new ways to access, hire and manage IT talent. We have also experienced how working from home became a new way of working. We have combined these two insights to create a new solution to fulfill companies’ demands for IT professionals: Global Remote Optimal Workforce (GROW) by Yacht. The global presence of our Randstad offices creates a solution that connects you with our worldwide network. We provide you access to a remote workforce of qualified IT professionals from all over the world.

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GROW by Yacht: get access to international IT talent through our worldwide Randstad network 

Hiring international talent for IT roles creates a flexible way for you to access qualified IT-professionals in high-demand fields when local talent is in short supply. A big benefit is that a lot of IT-profiles have English as their main working language. 

GROW is part of Randstad Global: the global leader in the HR service industry. We have worldwide connections in the market of English speaking IT-professionals. Within the first six months of our program, over 14 clients already have more than 150 remote talents from 25 different countries working via the GROW program. 

How does GROW work? 

As soon as we receive your request we get in touch with you to assess your talent needs. Through the GROW program, we are in contact with our international Randstad partners. We combine their knowledge of the local market with your talent needs. And together devise a local recruitment strategy to hire the right international IT-professional for you. 

Randstad - with offices in 38 markets- has access to the largest IT talent network in the world. Ensuring top-caliber talent that will uphold your brand and help you meet your strategic business goals. 

After our international team recruits IT-professionals that meet your needs, we present them to you with a unique talent profile; including their motivation. Time to meet! Your local contact at Yacht sets up digital job interviews so you can get to know the talents and make the final hiring decision.

7 benefits of GROW

  1. Internationally standardized hiring procedures and quality
    Our way of working is standardized across the globe. You can expect the same quality and hiring procedures as the standards you are used to in the Netherlands.
  2. Access to the largest IT talent network in the world
    As part of Randstad Holding, Yacht IT Talent Solutions can accelerate access to international IT talents. Our offices in Brazil, India, Romania, and 35 other markets provide you with the largest English-speaking Tech professional pool.
  3. Agile custom talent solutions
    Yacht IT Talent Solutions is custom-designed around your unique business needs and goals. We assess your talent needs, the talent available in the market, and devise a tailor-made solution to hire qualified IT-professionals in the areas you need them most.
  4. A single point of contact, a broad range of services   
    We offer a single point of contact and centralizes several core HR and talent management services. This means you communicate about remote recruitment solutions with your well-known Yacht contact person. You only have to hire Yacht rather than engage with a variety of service providers. 
  5. Secure data solutions and high privacy standards  
    In many IT roles, professionals need to access large amounts of sensitive data. Data security is therefore of top priority. We offer custom solutions to design appropriate safeguards for remote working; e.g. providing professionals with a laptop through secure logistics or the ability to work under supervision at a local Randstad office. Together we discuss your specific needs and adjust our service accordingly. 
  6. Qualified and reliable IT talent 
    You want to hire qualified talent you can trust with your IT data. And ensure language compatibility to communicate effectively with your team. To provide you with the talent you can rely on, our local Randstad colleagues - who know the local market best and understand the local standards - fulfill background checks and carry out skill tests. Central during this process are your needs and requirements. We created a tailor-made solution based on your wishes. 
  7. Global legal and tax compliance 
    When hiring international talent legal, regulatory and tax considerations can be a substantial barrier. As an expert in international hiring, we ensure all legal and tax requirements are followed with precision. We take every precaution to protect your business interests and the talent you work with.

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4 frequently asked questions about Yacht IT Talent Solutions

Can I hire someone who lives in a different time zone?

Yes. A lot of IT-professionals abroad don’t mind adjusting their working hours. So it’s not necessary to live in the same time zone. We can also only recruit IT-professionals that are located, for example, in Europe. We always offer a tailor-made solution based on your talent needs. 

Do I have multiple points of contact if I hire internationally?

No. You still only have one point of contact. Your dedicated account manager at Yacht maintains the contacts for you. This means you communicate about remote recruitment solutions with your well-known Yacht contact person. 

Is the IT Talent solution hiring process different from what I’m used to from Yacht?

No, our hiring process is standardized throughout Randstad Holding. The only difference is that your account manager at Yacht will explain your specific needs to our Randstad partners. 

Is it possible to relocate IT talent after they’ve worked remotely for some time?

Yes. Hiring an IT talent remotely means he or she can start working for you on short notice. After you both have experienced this positively, we can work together with our Yacht Expat Service to relocate the talent.