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Working in the Netherlands as a refugee

The war that affects the Ukrainian population has us deeply shocked. We can only imagine how hard it is to leave your home in these uncertain times. Thinking of work is probably not your number one priority. Though, after a while it might help to find distraction, to do meaningful work and surround yourself with new people. This is where Yacht comes in. We connect you to advanced work opportunities that match your skills. Learn more about working in the Netherlands on this page.

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This is Yacht

For over 20 years Yacht has been a leading recruitment agency for highly skilled professionals. We are the connecting force between ambitious organizations and professionals and help refugees to find advanced work opportunities in the Netherlands.

Our focus is on: Finance, IT, Engineering, Marketing & Communications, Human Resource Management, Legal, Supply Chain Management. At Yacht you will find challenging interim-assignments and permanent jobs that match your ambitions. We provide personal coaching and have a community full of experts who are ready to help you grow further during your time here.  

Requirements for working in the Netherlands

As an refugee you’re allowed to work in the Netherlands for 24 weeks over a period of 52 weeks. Your asylum application must be pending for at least 6 months. Furthermore you need an established employment permit (a TWV in Dutch). Consult the Dutch Government website for more information. In order to function properly in any of our jobs you must be able to speak English of Dutch fluently.

Special permit for Ukraine

The EU has activated a 'Temporary Protection Directive'. This means that as an Ukrainian refugee you get a document from the IND stating that you’ll receive a residence permit, housing and a work permit. These permits are valid until at least April 2023. 

Since not every Ukrainian refugee has received this document yet, until the 30th of May 2022, you don’t need an employment permit to work in the Netherlands. This applies to anyone who can show a Ukrainian passport or identity card. 

Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to so-called third country nationals. After this date, every new Ukrainian refugee must possess the IND-document to apply for a job. For all the requirements, visit the IND website.

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We are here to help

We want you to find a job that matches your skills, preferences and ambitions. Yacht offers interim-assignment and permanent jobs for highly skilled professionals. If you are looking for a short term option our partners Tempo-Team and Randstad are here to help. Together we are affiliated with employers all over the country. 

Find a job via Yacht in the Netherlands

Dutch language courses

We offer Dutch language courses, all free of charge. Choose one of the courses from our “All You Can Learn” programme and start right away. You can choose between the following courses:

  • E-learning - Dutch for non natives: this course helps you make your first steps in learning Dutch. Expand your vocabulary and learn to make simple phrases. Are you interested? The e-learning is facilitated by Online Academy, and can be requested by visiting our portal;
  • Self study programme - Dutch for non natives: educational institutions LOI and NTI offer a Dutch language programme which you can follow in your own time;
  • Intensive (virtual) classroom programme: via our portal, STE languages and NTI offer intensive Dutch programmes for non-native speakers. You can choose to follow these courses in a classroom with others, in virtual small groups or one-on-one with an online trainer. The latter is very suitable for higher educated people.

Training courses in English

  • Every Goodhabitz course can also be followed in English or Polish. Goodhabitz offers training courses in Microsoft Excel but also in sleeping well, mindfulness, dealing with stress and much more!
  • Besides, we offer multiple Online Academy training courses in English. By example: getting ready for your job interview, preparing for a pitch, computer programming, big data and Lean and Prince. You can find them in our education portal.

Frequently asked questions

Can I work in the Netherlands?

Yes you can, but first you have to request a work permit. There are some requirements you have to meet in order to get this permit. Click here for more information about these requirements
Are you a Ukrainian refugee? Before the 30th of May 2022 you don’t need a work permit. Are you entering the country after the mentioned date? In this case you’ll receive a special IND-permit.

Do I need an employment permit to work in the Netherlands?

Yes, to be able to work in the Netherlands you need an employment permit. This is valid for all nationalities, except for Ukrainian refugees. As an Ukrainian refugee you can work without a permit until the 30th of May 2022. After this date, you’ll receive a special IND-permit stating you will receive a residence permit, housing and a work permit. Learn more about this special permit.

Are there any requirements for me as a refugee to work in the Netherlands?

To be able to get a proper job the Dutch government asks you to speak English, German or Dutch. This has to do with safety protocol. Besides that, you have to meet some additional conditions. Read more about these conditions here.

Will I lose my living allowance if I start working?

Yes you do. After finding a job you have to report this to the municipality. A month later your living allowance will expire. Do you want more information about working in the Netherlands as a refugee? Read more about this here.

I am an Ukrainian freelancer, can I work without an employment permit?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. A work permit only applies to Ukrainian refugees who are also salaried employees. There is a special permit you can request as a freelancer, called the TWV-permit. Want to learn more about working in the Netherlands as a Ukrainian refugee? Read everything about it here.

Is a Ukrainian driver’s license valid in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, only Driver’s licenses from the EU are valid. Since Ukraine is not a member of the EU, your driver’s license will expire in 185 days.