Living and working in the Netherlands

Excellent social facilities and cultural opportunities

Living, working and/or studying in the Netherlands will broaden your experience and provide the perfect opportunity to take your career forwards. There are numerous employment opportunities and countless ways in which you can develop your career. It’s also a highly attractive place to live, with excellent social facilities and cultural opportunities that mean you can expect to enjoy a great quality of life. You can find more information about relocating to and working in the Netherlands on the following official website:

Make progress with your career in the Netherlands

Are you ready for a successful career in the Netherlands? And do you meet our requirements? Then we would be delighted to discuss the best employment opportunities available for you. Yacht employs skilled professionals directly, offering them the chance to join our team and work for our clients on a project basis on genuinely challenging and long-term projects. Direct employment at one of our clients is also a possibility.

A clear career path

We will enhance your career prospects by enabling you to grow on a personal and technical level. As a professional, you will receive intensive coaching so that you can keep your career moving. Together, we will set out a clear career path to ensure that you identify and capitalize on all the opportunities for professional growth from day one. You will be coached continuously and challenged to continue growing. Your hard work and development will entitle you to a competitive salary including an attractive employee benefits package. And, if you will be relocating to the Netherlands, we will offer you a relocation package to support you in that process.

Moving to the Netherlands may be a big move that requires considerable work on your part. But we will help you organize everything. Tickets and transport to get you to the Netherlands can vary significantly depending on where you currently live. But we can help you with this in a way that takes your personal situation into account.