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Get to know us & let us know you

Yacht specializes in connecting highly trained and experienced professionals with organizations. We achieve this through recruitment and secondment. Yacht is part of Randstad, a global leader in recruitment and human resource solutions that was founded in the Netherlands in 1960. Together we are active in more than 40 countries and provide employment opportunities for over 29,000 people.

Challenging projects and jobs

We offer challenging projects and jobs at innovative startups and multinationals in Information Technology and Engineering sectors. We work with big organizations such as Siemens, ASML and Philips. We are the driving force behind the careers of hundreds of professionals. Both our clients and candidates value our in-depth knowledge of the client market.

Get to know you

We want to know who you are beyond the basic skill requirements and educational background. What drives you and what is your definition of success? Before we introduce you to our clients, we will take your goals and preferences into account. Out of respect for you and the organization you're going to join as well.

Our brand values

  • Decisive
    We thrive on providing you interesting and challenging assignments, where you can make a difference.  
  • Connecting
    Joining Yacht means being part of a large, lively and powerful network. Where you can share your knowledge and experiences with other professionals. ‘Together, we achieve more’ is our philosophy.
  • Competent
    We know how important it is to keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date, therefore we offer several (inhouse) courses and trainings.

Join us

Ambitious professionals from the Netherlands and abroad are always in demand. That means we are looking for professionals like you all the time. Are you a highly skilled professional in the field of Engineering or Information Technology? Want to expand your skillset and knowledge, both on a personal and a professional level? In that case we would like you to join us.
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Living and working in the Netherlands

Want the best possible experience in the Netherlands? We’ll tell you how we support expatriates.

What we do for expats