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Philips traineeship

Do you want to boost your career as a young technical professional to the top of R&D within Philips? And are you able to grow to a lead designer role in 3 years and further develop your career to an architect, project manager or management leadership role in 8 years within Philips? Then apply to our Young Technical Professional Program for Philips.

Yacht has developed a young technical professionals program in collaboration with Philips Healthcare. Normally, it takes about 5 years to make the jump from Engineer tot Lead Designer. This program is a customized program that gives highly trained technicians the opportunity to become an Integral Lead Designer in an R&D environment in Philips Healthcare within 3 years time. This program also offers you the possibility to grow to a key position in Architecture, Project Management or Management Leadership in R&D at Philips in 8 years time.

Training and coaching

Depending on your personal needs and development you will receive 6-8 hours a week various "building-blocks" to bring you to the desired level on aspects you’d like or need to improve. These building-blocks refer to Basic-, Soft- and Hardskills

Basic skills:

  • Yacht and Philips onboarding
  • System Development Foundation level 1
  • Regulatory, etc.

Soft skills:

  • Leaderships skills (convincing, influencing, teamwork)
  • Project management skills
  • Planning & Tracking own work

Hard skills:

  • Hardware systems & Architecture
  • Product Safety & Security
  • Quality Standards & Version control
  • System Architecture: end-to-end

Training and courses are offered by our acclaimed Yacht Academy and by Philips. In addition, you will be coached and supervised by both colleagues from Yacht as colleagues from Philips. Also, you become part of a team of technical professionals at Yacht who speak the same technical language and you make part of a network within the high tech industry.

Innovative projects and "Open Your Mind" project

During the YTP program you are working in 2 multidisciplinary innovation projects within Philips Healthcare. For example; this can be a project that resolves around adding new functionality to the X-Ray machines, another project could be the automation of existing manual controlled (sub)systems. Besides working on these innovation projects you will also be involved in an "Open Your Mind" project. This will be a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project. The goal is that you and other participants in the Young Technical Professionals program will be working on a project with a CSR impact. It contains basic/soft skills such as Time Management, Planning own work and Communications. Some examples of these projects are: JET-NET, STEP Project, People for Change.

View the vacancy for the Young Talent Professional program at Philips

Our Yacht recruiters for Philips

Contact us for questions and more information. Send an e-mail by clicking the envelope button.

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Christelle Al Jamal

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

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Simon Hozi

Recruitment Consultant Philips Eindhoven

“Everyday I experience full support and attention from my managers at Philips and Yacht. I am excited to go to work, and never bored. But most important, everyday I accept the challenge they presented to me: become the best I can be.”

Laura Calvino Young Technical Professional at Philips

Frequently asked questions about the Young Technical Professionals program

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for graduated engineers with a Master in Electronics, Mechatronics, Mechanics or Software. You have 0-3 years of working experience.  You're an engineer who can share their vision, are able to present this vision to other stakeholders from other departments at Philips. You show natural leadership skills and are able to team up people. We’re looking for people to challenge themselves to make the milestones of this program. You know how to cope with stressful deadlines and environments and you’re familiar in working together with people from different cultures

  • You have a technical MSc or PhD background in an engineering discipline like software, physics, computer science, information technology, biomedical engineering, mathematics, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering
  • You have finished your Master program with an overall average of at least an 8 out of 10
  • Your English language skills are on a near bilingual level
  • You are highly motivated, eager, enthusiastic, flexible and an excellent communicator
  • You have the ability to overview multiple competences and are able to work and communicate in multiple discipline teams
  • A clear connection and interest to/in medical devices
  • You have been participating in community activities, student societies or other activities during your university career

What do we offer?

Besides continuity and a strong professional network, this program gives you the opportunity to boost towards the top of R&D within Philips. You will receive a contract for indefinite period of time at Yacht. You will receive interesting secondary benefits and a market conform salary. When you successfully follow the program, you will be promoted to lead designer in 3 years time! We invest a lot of money in education and training to make sure your will make the program. 

  • Become a Lead Designer within 3 years instead of 5
  • Receive trainings based on your own personal needs
  • Increase your impact in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • You will have your own coach from Yacht
  • Receive interesting benefits, thorough education and a market conform salary
  • You will have a strong professional network

Training and coaching

While working on projects you get additional training and courses depending on your personal needs offered by our Yacht Academy. In addition to this training, you will be coached and supervised
by colleagues from Yacht as well as from the client you work for.

In addition, you become part of a team of technical professionals in a specific competence within Yacht who speak the same technical language. In the end, you will be part of their network within
the high tech industry.

How can you be part of this program?

If you are interested in our Young technical Professionals program, please challenge us. Send us your CV and a detailed motivation why you fit into this program. We will asses whether your CV and motivation fits our profile. Afterwards you will be contacted by one of our professional recruiters and/or account managers who will explain more about the selection procedure. Eventually an assessment will be part of this procedure.

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