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While most 'whatever' analyst job descriptions contain both an analysis and solution implementing part, this job focuses on the analysis part. The OBELIX project need a more formal approach to data modelling and software design. The landscape is very data driven but data is very ambiguously described, with a lot of implicit context. The physical data model has evolved in 10 years towards a non-normalized mess of implicit badly documented conventions in inappropriate physical structures like Excel. All this make it difficult for many stakeholders (user, developer, architect) to become productive. In the case of system analyst or architect it is near to impossible to propose new solutions, since the status quo and desired situation are hard to describe.

As such we seek for an additional system analyst that will help in analyzing the current (physical) data model and process (tool) flow on a conceptual and logical level such that in a future step (not part of the initial assignment) we can choose the best physical model. You are familiar with analytical interview techniques, ER Modelling and technical writing. Can work on a linguistic and diagram level to express data and processes exact. Familiarity with large scale data processing tool chains in an engineering environment is a plus. Willing to dig deep into current project datasets.

A candidate may be found in a field like Aerospace and Aviation where a lot of detailed documentation is mandatory.

The assignment must deliver the start of a conceptual and logical data model; what data is used in the processes and how does it relates to each other? Given that the number of data entities, attributes, processes and their relation, is a 1000 or more it is not expected it will be completed. We expect some parts filled in, that demonstrates a clear framework how the team can further fill it in.

It is envisioned that the models are described such that most model definitions are machine readable with some software developed that can create different representations for different stakeholders like user, developer or architect. In other words, not much free form Visio drawing but good tooling based on interchangeable formats e.g. UML standard as an XML schema.


• Bachelors Master’s degree in information technology/Computer Science, Engineering (or equivalent)

• 7-10 years of experience in handling data projects as System Data analyst, Technical Writer or Database modeler.

Mandatory Skills

• Proven proficiency in Data modeling

• Can take a system and map out all entities in way understandable for all stakeholders in both plain text and related ER Diagrams.

• Interview techniques to extract relevant info from stakeholders.

• Can read MATLAB code to extract the relevant data structures Duties and Responsibilities

• Work with the application development team to build the data conceptual and logical model.

The team has full knowledge of the existing system and its entities, but no expertise how to describe/model it.

• Work together with the Solution Architect who can do system analysis and modeling.

Nice to have

• Familiarity with large scale data processing tool chains in an engineering simulation or design environment

• Experience working with various data platforms: SQL, NO-SQL, structured data (JSON, YAML, XML), unstructured, Excel etc.

• MATLAB (95% of the codebase) and Python skills

• Prefers scripting data model definitions (PlantUML, XML, MarkDown) over GUIs like Word and Visio. Can use JavaScript to tweak online views of the datamodels.


• Good verbal and written communication skills.

• Team Player

• Team-working – being able to work with others in groups and teams.

• Problem solving and decision-making – working with others to identify, define and solve problems, which includes making decisions about the best course of action and being able to do it with little or no help.

• Strong conceptual strength, strategic thinking, problem solving, technical, and analytical skills.

• Ability to ask next level questions anticipating business inquiries and performing root cause analysis Location


Inclusiviteit en diversiteit

Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor iedereen die zich hierin herkent. We geloven dat diverse teams van belang zijn voor ons als lerende organisatie, die voorop wil blijven lopen in de wereld van werk. Want juist verschillen tussen mensen zorgen voor groei. Van collega's, klanten, kandidaten en daarmee van Yacht. Heb jij een uniek talent? We ontmoeten je graag.

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Justin Brandwijk recruitment consultant


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