Teamlead/engineer CICD Azure

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We’re looking for a senior teamlead/engineer to join us in Test Tooling Team of the Development Tooling department. The Development Tooling dep. is responsible for the CICD environment for all of the bank her development teams in the Netherlands, Germany, France, UK and India.

Our goal is to provide the developers within the bank a compliant path to production with minimal complexity. We do this by providing services such as backlog management, pipelines templates, pipeline agents, security scanning, artefact repositories and more.

Our department comprises of 8 teams, each covering a separate part of the development tool portfolio from start to finish. In this scope, the Test Tooling Team is responsible for the test tooling in this environment.

TTT is responsible for installing and the subsequent operational work (incidents, upgrades, patching, admin-activity, etc) of testing applications in DTAP environment

With the following results:

The Test Tooling Team is responsible for the following tools:

    • Neoload, HCL OneTest, Qmetry (Outsources), Saucelabs (SaaS), Jmeter, Azure Testplans, Other smaller (desktop-)tools such as: Karate, Newman, Postman, Appium, Selenium, SoapUI, WebdriverIO.

The main challenges for the Test Tooling Team are:

  • The migrations to Azure for Neoload and HCL OneTest
  • Adhering to the high levels of compliances required for a financial institution.

    • Compliancy in terms of security, risk, architecture standards, costs, etc
  • Working together with the central Azure department whenever we can improve the overall processes.
  • Integrating the test tools into the standardized pipelines templates that we offer to our customers.

We closely cooperate with the other teams in the department to create highly optimised and highly reliable CICD pipelines and cooperate with adjacent teams and departments. Also be aware that we are using a “bank”-flavoured version of Azure, meaning that many out-of-the-box services provided by Azure are locked until certain compliancy rules are adhered to!

Relevant knowledge skills & competences:

To be successful in our team, you will need to have:

    • You have plenty of experience maintaining applications and application stacks in DTAP stage for a medium to large company.
    • You have experience working in finance or insurance and understand we have many rules and regulations in place that we need to follow.
    • Knowledge of our tooling is a plus, but certainly not a requirement.
    • You know plenty about networking, proxies, firewalls, monitoring, backups, databases, servers, etc. Anything you would need to be able to debug an incident in production.
    • You know some Ansible.
    • You have a lot of energy and want to work together with the PO and Scrum (on equal basis!) to build a skilled and motivated team.
    • You are an expert on the Azure platform (or have a flaming passion to become an expert)


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