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Bram Geerets senior recruitment consultant

Philips and Yacht have developed an in-company trainee program for high potentials. So far nothing that exceptional, so keep reading! 

The Young Technical Professionals program is focusing on developing towards future technical leadership. It is a high intensity 3-year program with dedicated coaching and support. During these 3 years, you will develop towards becoming a future Technical Leader or Technical Specialist. 

Via this program you will give your career a marvelous start! 

I hear you asking yourself: Isn’t this just a regular trainee program with a fixed calendar and in the end I have learned as much as my fellow high potentials? The answer is ‘No’. 

What we believe is that you as a high potential should set the course of your career. I help you with landing that starting point within a Philips department, but after that it is up to you in what direction you want to develop your career. 

Working on your technical skills will depend on that direction, your interests and what you run into during your assignments. The soft skill program is a bit more predictable. The program offers a so-called School of Work. Here you are connected to a special training agency together with your fellow trainees. 

Altogether I offer you a brilliant start to your career. What do I want to see in return? 

  • High potentials that outperform in all their endeavours 
  • Candidates who aren’t afraid of a high paced environment
  • Love for the medical devices industry 
  • Dedication for 3-years in the program and afterwards committed to join Philips 


Minimum entering criteria of the program: 

  • A Master degree in a technical discipline, e.g. Electrical, Mechanical, (Technical)Biomedical, Software, Product Engineering, from a renowned university
  • A clear connection and interest to/in medical devices
  • You have finished your Master program with an overall average of at least an 8 out of 10
  • You have been participating in community activities, student societies or other activities during your university career.

Not matching the full extend of these criteria? Please take a look at the other opportunities we have to offer!


Possible areas to start your career: 

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Sustainability & Circular Economy 
  • Product Research & Human Technology Interaction
  • Software Testing 
  • Mechatronic Engineering


We offer you a permanent contract for the full extend of the program and the commitment of Philips to transfer you to a permanent Philips contract after successfully finishing the program.


Inclusiviteit en diversiteit

Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor iedereen die zich hierin herkent. We geloven dat diverse teams van belang zijn voor ons als lerende organisatie, die voorop wil blijven lopen in de wereld van werk. Want juist verschillen tussen mensen zorgen voor groei. Van collega's, klanten, kandidaten en daarmee van Yacht. Heb jij een uniek talent? We ontmoeten je graag.

Bram Geerets avatar
Bram Geerets senior recruitment consultant


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Bram Geerets

senior recruitment consultant

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