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Function:  Senior Data Analytics Engineer

Providing new insights to improve alternative powertrain concepts on energy management and CO2



When starting new vehicle developments it is essential to have the most accurate information on the operating conditions of trucks and truck components. The growing availability of many big data sources enables this information to be derived more complete and accurate. Based on this information, requirements will be set for new vehicle and component designs, maximally optimized to operating conditions. This information will also be essential for optimal control function development.


Function description

Within the Technical Analysis department we are looking for a Senior Data Analytics Engineer.

Objective of the function:

·     To convert data that are available in DAF databases (field test data, connected truck data, fleet management data, service databases, etc.) and public databases (traffic, climate, road data, transport, etc.) into valuable information to steer upfront specifications, concept development and simulations of new truck designs.

·     To condense this information into SMART use cases and cycles for optimizing and validating new designs with simulations in the Technical Analysis department.

In this function you will play a central role in data analytics within the Vehicle Integration department having the main focus on energy management/CO2, especially for electrification of trucks. For this new field of application, which is important to reach required significant CO2 reductions, data analytics can bring new insights on customer usage and necessary inputs for optimal concept development.


·        Translate pro-actively the requests of stakeholders in different knowledge domains (property owners, system owner, simulation engineers) into information models and show and prove possible outcome to these stakeholders.

·        Set up analyses plans, define required data and data sources and analyses methods.

·        Create required access to large data sources and tools within DAF IT infrastructure.

·        Adapt and use the appropriate tools for merging and analyzing the data.

·        Use advanced data analytics methods to derive relevant, reliable and usable information.

·        Visualize and communicate the results on various levels, ranging from engineers, system & property owner until senior management of PD.

·        Attune and communicate requirements for tools and data infrastructure with ITD.

·        Maintaining the data analytics capabilities by implementing new methods and processes in close cooperation with other data analysts and data scientists within the DAF organization and other PACCAR divisions.



Function requirements

To succeed in this role, you should have the following skills and experience:

·        Excellent analytical skills including statistics on MSc. level

·        Min. 5 years of experience in data analytics / data science

·        Domain knowledge in automotive design, preferably on energy management.

·        Good knowledge of data analytics methods and tools (like datamining, machine learning, predictive modelling, SQL, R, Python, Matlab, Tableau, etc.) and affinity with IT systems/applications.

·        Good communication skills, verbally and in writing in both Dutch and English.

·        Pro-active, enthusiastic and critical towards representativeness and accuracy of results.



The Technical Analysis department consists of a team with 14 specialists, responsible for the numerical optimization, verification and validation of new vehicle designs within the Product Development division. By means of simulations, new developments on vehicle and system level are evaluated and optimized for different vehicle performance aspects: Fuel Economy and CO2 emission, Aerodynamics, thermodynamics, NVH, Vehicle Handling, Crash Safety, Durability.

These simulations support the design process from the first concept ideas to the final validation and sign-off of the truck design. The domain data analytics has been added to this department in which data-driven analyses forms one of the key competences.


Inclusiviteit en diversiteit

Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor iedereen die zich hierin herkent. We geloven dat diverse teams van belang zijn voor ons als lerende organisatie, die voorop wil blijven lopen in de wereld van werk. Want juist verschillen tussen mensen zorgen voor groei. Van collega's, klanten, kandidaten en daarmee van Yacht. Heb jij een uniek talent? We ontmoeten je graag.

Robert Dolmans avatar
Robert Dolmans recruitment consultant


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