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Pieter Landsman recruitment consultant

Lead the team towards a stable, maintainable & future-proof solution!

Working in IT at Randstad Groep Nederland, you don't just keep our country running smoothly, you make sure the world keeps turning! Thanks to your user-friendly websites and apps, employers, and millions of (potential) employees can easily find each other.

Millions of people visit the Randstad, Yacht and Tempo-Team job boards every day. They want to find their ideal vacancy with a single click and be able to apply immediately. And guess what the best part is? You make this possible! As a back-end developer, you improve the usability and performance of our sites and apps on an ongoing basis. You configure, implement and develop, taking full advantage of all the features of our CMS. You work in Randstad Groep Nederland’s IT department, an IT pioneer in HR service delivery. Will you help the world of work, our company - and yourself - develop further?

what will be your assignment?

As part of a new project, called Randstad Accelerate, one of the defined objectives is building new tools for our talents and change our URL structure.  

Your technical and visual modifications – even if they sometimes seem to be little more than details – have a significant impact on the Randstad, Yacht and Tempo Team organisations. Imagine: your improvement of the online application form ensures we receive ten percent more applications. Translated into turnover, that amounts to millions. But you already knew that. Because you have experience in producing measurements and analyses: how many people click what? At what point do they abandon the process of filling out details? Why? How can that be improved and what will the effects be? 

You also play an important role ‘behind log in’, as we say. Everyone who is employed via Randstad Groep Nederland – hundreds of thousands of people – have an account, for example for viewing and managing contracts, hours, wage slips and annual leave. We even have separate environments and planning systems for large clients such as Albert Heijn. You will add new functionalities and offer ideas and solutions for enhancing user-friendliness.

lead the team to awesomeness!

Specifically for this assignment, you will be designing and developing scalable backend solutions for all to use. You will be empowering your peers to take ownership, responsibility and accountability of everything we build. Also, identifying and solving challenges with performance and scalability is part of your job. And, since you are a senior developer, we expect you to be coaching junior & medior back-end developers and invest to stay up-to-date with the latest web standards.

be the back-end guru in a talent team!

You will work closely with back-end developers, software developers, UX designers, business analysts and testers, as well as with colleagues outside the IT field, such as marketeers and external design agencies. The end user is central to your work. You will therefore have a great deal of contact with internal and external users of our online channels. You will be responsible for identifying issues via face-to-face interviews and the online feedback tool, and then testing and evaluating your solutions.


About you

To be successful during this assignment, we think that you will need the ability to think and operate on a higher educational level.  

In addition, you have and transfer...

  • basic coding skills

    • xml, xsd, yaml | advanced knowledge
    • java & object oriented | advanced knowledge
  • integration knowledge

    • soap-services & wsdl | advanced knowledge
    • json & rest-services | advanced knowledge
  • understanding of common platforms, frameworks & tools

    • spring, spring boot | advanced knowledge
    • swagger-ui | common knowledge.
  • continuous integration & deployment

    • git & gitlab | code-sharing, branching & pipelines.
    • maven & gradle | advanced knowledge
    • jenkins | build & deployments
    • kibana | extensive log-searches & dashboarding
  • infrastructure & middleware knowledge

    • amazon web services | common knowledge
    • tomcat | general understanding of tomcat containers
    • linux | general understanding of linux environments


Besides a match on knowledge, experience, skills and competencies, a match on personality and culture is just as important! After all, you should feel comfortable at work. If you recognize yourself in the profile below, we are looking for you!  

The person we are looking for... 

Innovate and share your knowledge!

You are a role model who inspires, empowers and coaches his peers. Someone who looks beyond their own team. Someone who thrives on sharing knowledge. Furthermore you are an out-of-the-box thinker who designs high quality lean solutions and who is not afraid to help out with hands-on development.


Why Randstad Groep Nederland IT?

If there’s anywhere you can make an impact as a back-end developer, it’s here. Because as an IT professional for one of the the largest HR service company in the world, you help keep society going. We support Randstad Groep Nederland’s HR service delivery with high-tech apps and software, which we continue to improve. As such, our innovations follow one another in quick succession. We believe in the power of technology, provided it is combined with personal attention. The same applies to our own employees: we recognise your revolutionary ideas, but above all, we recognise you. Your job satisfaction is paramount. 

We develop close-knit teams in Randstad Groep Nederland’s IT department, where you are given the freedom to develop both yourself and your ideas. Do you dare to be bold in that respect? If yes, great. We offer plenty of opportunities for growth. We offer more than a job; we offer a career. The huge diversity of roles across the whole of Randstad Groep Nederland offers exciting perspectives to you as a back-end developer. Did you know that 80% of our senior management rose through the ranks in our own organisation? Join us and grow!

What we have to offer?

A warm welcome, lots of friendly and inspiring colleagues who love to help you by sharing their knowledge and experience. You will find yourself in a challenging working environment. And, a new, very valuable network within the largest HR service provider in the world! 


Founded in 1960, as a pioneer, Randstad has grown into the global leader in the HR services industry and is specialized in solutions in the field of flexible work. Our mission: shaping the world of work. 

Our strategy focuses on delivering long-term value to everyone: candidates, clients, employees, shareholders and society as a whole. Worldwide, but certainly also in our founding country, The Netherlands. By combining our passion for people with the power of today’s intelligent machines, we support people and organizations to realize their true potential. We call this human forward.

Randstad Groep Nederland IT
We work from our headquarters in Amsterdam (Diemen). An entrepreneurial, agile environment where we continuously experiment with new technologies and work on the continuous development of our advanced application landscape with about 150 IT professionals in  more than 24 DevOps-teams. 

Here’s the best part: there are only a few back-end developers. Talk about making a difference! We will never memory-hole your innovative ideas and initiatives. No, as a back-end developer, you will make a particularly important mark on what the world of work will look like in future. How exactly you tackle that is something you decide for yourself, to a large extent: you will work in alternating tribes with a great deal of freedom to organise your work yourself. What’s more, did you know that over 30% of our IT professionals are female? Pretty exceptional for an IT department. And very satisfying. Because we know that the more diverse the teams, the better the results. 

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Inclusiviteit en diversiteit

Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor iedereen die zich hierin herkent. We geloven dat diverse teams van belang zijn voor ons als lerende organisatie, die voorop wil blijven lopen in de wereld van werk. Want juist verschillen tussen mensen zorgen voor groei. Van collega's, klanten, kandidaten en daarmee van Yacht. Heb jij een uniek talent? We ontmoeten je graag.

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Pieter Landsman recruitment consultant


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