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Orlaco supplies robust cameras and monitors that function under extreme conditions. We keep development and production in our own hands: with a team of more than two hundred and fifty employees, we create vision solutions for earth-moving machines, trucks, cranes, forklift trucks, shipping and emergency vehicles. Started as a company in Barneveld, Orlaco has grown into a multinational with sales offices in the United States, Germany and Japan. Due to growth, there is room for:
System Architect

Goal of the function
Translating of company goals and programme/product requirements into system design definition. Such definitions include: a breakdown of the system into components, the component interactions and interfaces (including with the environment, especially the user), and the technologies and resources to be used in the design.

Typical activities

  1. Performs/facilitates trade-off analysis between various system attributes and communicates results; acts as the final single point of accountability for trade-off decisions
    • Determine multiple design alternatives, assessing such alternatives based on all identified constraints (such as cost, schedule, space, power, safety, usability, reliability, maintainability, availability, and so on), and selecting the most suitable options for further design;
    • Performing cost–benefit analyses to determine whether requirements are best met by manual, software, or hardware functions; making maximum use of commercial off-the-shelf or already developed components;
    • A systems designer is expected to combine knowledge of both the design of the user's world and of (all potentially useful) engineering systems designs. The former is a joint activity with the user; the latter is a joint activity with the engineers;
    • Project based activities.
  2. Partitions proposed solutions into appropriate subsystems/functional decompositions
    • Outline the overall system and interface with the users and stakeholders;
    • The system architect should sub-allocate the system requirements to major; components or subsystems that are within the scope of a single hardware or software engineer, or engineering manager and team;
    • The  system architect will use a minimum of heuristics to ensure that each partition is well defined and clean of kludges, work-arounds, short-cuts, or confusing detail and exceptions.
  3. Together with the appropriate technical experts, decomposes system architecture decisions into functional, hardware and software roadmaps


  1. Reviews/controls/accepts the result of validation testing to ensure that final product performance is in lign with previously defined requirements
    • Reviews/controls/accepts a set of acceptance test requirements, together with the designers, test engineers, and the user, which determine that all of the high level requirements;
    • The system architect is principally reponsible for the acceptance test. It is the chief means by which the program lead will prove to the user that the system is as originally planned and that all involved designers and engineers have met their objectives.


  1. Miscellaneous
  • Interfacing with the user(s) and sponsor(s) and all other stakeholders in the Stoneridge organization in order to determine their (evolving) needs. Incidentally, the system architect will have customer contact;
  • Give direction to the various levels of requirements, the domain, the viable technologies;
  • Ensuring that a maximally robust design is developed;
  • A good designer is the principal keeper of the user's vision of the end product— and of the process of deriving requirements from and implementing that vision;
  • Links with and advises advanced engineering.


Education and experience

  • BSc or MSc in Computer science or software engineering
  • general  experience in creating new machine concepts (or large complex modules)
  • technical knowledge and experience in software simulation and software/hardware integration    (embedded h/w en s/w technology)
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) or Project Management Professional (PMP) certification
  • knowledge of productmarketing (conceptual thinker)
  • Communicator of the organization due to  the V-cycle The V-Model and demonstrates the relationships between each phase of the development life cycle
  • guides discussions and definitions in projects and  programs
  • knowledge of law productsafety, ISO26262, Automotive SPICE, IATF 16949.
  • Analytical skills
  • internal and external communicator to extract the true requirements necessary for the designed system in a highly interactive way
  • keeps up specialization
Specialization area
  • Designers are generalists. They are not expected to be experts in any one technology but are expected to be knowledgeable of many technologies and able to judge their applicability to specific situations. They also apply their knowledge to practical situations, but evaluate the cost/benefits of various solutions using different technologies, for example, hardware versus software versus manual, and assure that the system as a whole performs according to the user's expectations.
  • The designer must remain constantly in communication with the end users and with the (principal) systems engineers. Therefore, the designer must be intimately familiar with the user's environment and problem, and with the engineering environment(s) of likely solution spaces.


Orlaco offers you a versatile growth function, based on continuous improvement. You like freedom and take responsibility. We value motivated employees and offer a good salary and excellent conditions for this.


What does Orlaco offer?
Orlaco offers you a versatile growth function, based on continuous improvement. You like freedom and personal responsibility within a no-nonsense company. We value motivated employees and offer a good salary and excellent conditions for this.

What do we stand for?
Orlaco stands for Eyes right, left, rear, complete overview. We believe that optimal visibility around all machines, vehicles and vessels should be self-evident. We continuously work on innovation to develop a reliable, high-quality solution for every situation, with the aim of increasing safety, efficiency, damage reduction and comfort. Vision is our mission. All activities are crucial to fulfill our mission: from development and production to delivery and service.

What do we value?
Customer orientation is of paramount importance to Orlaco. We tailor our activities to the needs of the customer. We do not lose sight of the care for the environment, health and safety. We work safely, cleanly and environmentally friendly and organize our processes efficiently and effectively. Our employees are motivated and well trained. At Orlaco we work as one team, where every link is important.

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