Learn how to create your very own Virtual Reality app

20 november 2018

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It’s amazing what one can develop in a timeframe of nearly 3 hours led by an expert. Needless to say that Ruben, the expert, is very adapt in teaching others how to create their own VR applications.

After an introduction of ‘what is VR’ and ‘why is it so awesome’, the developers started building their own apps. Making use of AFrame - a web framework for building virtual reality experiences – and a custom made Glitch page, it was easy to start building the apps which were working quite fast.

Ruben taught the group about inserting primitives, creating new assets and implementing animations and components. During the workshop the apps gained personality due to individual creativity. Amongst others, you could see a virtual beach, a football stadium, a landscape, a galaxy and other forms of creativity.

Learn how to create your very own Virtual Reality app
Learn how to create your very own Virtual Reality app

Three hours went by in an instant and before you know it, it was time to stop developing. Combined with the pizza’s, beers and soda’s it was a satisfying evening. A group of developers is enthused about VR and have gained new skills.

Interested in learning how to program with VR yourself? It's really not that complicated as you might think. If you know HTML, you're good to go!

Check the coding instructions from this workshop

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