vrijdag 24 juli 2020


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Gehost door Maarten van Hoof

Yacht trainee

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Inspired by talks from the TedX program we decided to host our own event to spread knowledge between colleagues. The idea is to offer some space to all the members of the community to share their knowledge, challenges, failures or even just brainstorm on any topics related to the world of Big Data.

The format of the talks is expected to be informal with  approximately 15min (+ 5 min of questions) available for each speaker. For this event we have 3 speakers; a Yacht trainee and two Yacht professionals who will all present a short talk about their interesting work at Yacht, Randstad and ING.
Interested in learning about what your colleagues do? Please sign up below and get ready to be inspired


  • 16:00 - 16:20 uur   Wouter Kühlkamp - Yacht trainee. Data obstacles in the public domain
  • 16:20 - 16.40 uur   Giuliano Giuliani. Senior Data Scientist at Randstad Holding. An ML approach for data imputation
  • 16:40 - 17:00 uur   Fabrizio Giuliani. Senior Data Scientist at ING. Algorithmic trading and Reinfocement Learning

Tijd en locatie

Vrijdag 24 jul, 2020

16:00  tot  17:00

Digital meetup

Your own home

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Gastsprekers TedX online meetup

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Wouter Kühlkamp

Yacht trainee at Yacht

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Giuliano Giuliani

Yacht professional at Yacht

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Fabrizio Giuliani

Yacht professional at Yacht

Commercieel Manager Yacht trainees IT

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Maarten van Hoof

Commercieel Manager Yacht trainees IT

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