dinsdag 29 oktober 2019

Yacht Most Data: Machine learning with ABN AMRO & Braincreators

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Gehost door Joey Winter

Recruitment consultant IT

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Yacht Most Data will host a tech session about machine learning with 2 interesting partners. Speakers Thimo ten Veen (Solution Architect) and Matthijs van Dorth (Data Scientist), both working for Chief Architect & Data Management on advanced analytics in a regulated environment at ABN AMRO. We also invited Maarten Stol from the AI wizards of Braincreators.

They will tell us how ABN AMRO stays in control and avoid uncontrolled growth of all the tools that are out in this world. ABN AMRO needs to comply to al lot regulation and must be able to report to the DNB about the models and the data. Centralized way of thinking with a certain flexibility is where ABN AMRO worked on in the last years. The platform gave ABN AMRO the tools to go to the cloud, short time to market and be in control. They will show some use cases that ABN AMRO is working on.

In the second half Maarten Stol will take the stage and will tell something about Braincreators which is a team of experts in artificial intelligence with decades of experience in both machine learning and enterprise software engineering.

Crucial for a successful deployment of an AI solution is to bridge the gap between technology and the business requirements. The first half of this presentation will contain a friendly focus on some core theoretical concepts that appear in almost every AI solution. No formulas or math, but enough insights for a deeper understanding of what happens under the hood. The second half will be about specific use cases from the BrainCreators portfolio. In addition, there will be a discussion of the challenges of
keeping a deployment in good shape over time. The extra requirements for your application to stay healthy in the longer run are easy to overlook in the early prototype phase alone, but just as vital for success.


16.30 - 17.00:    Walk-in (drinks & bytes) 
17.00 - 17.10     Introduction by Yacht Most Data
17.10 - 18.10    Mathijs van Dorth (Data Scientist)  & Thimo ten Veen (Solutions Architect)  - ABN AMRO (Incl Q&A) 
18.10 - 18.30    Break ( food & drinks ) 
18.30 - 19.30    Maarten Stol - Braincreators (Incl Q&A) 
19.30 - 20.30    Network drinks 
20.30                 Doors close

Tijd en locatie

Dinsdag 29 okt, 2019

16:30  tot  20:30

Randstad Headquarters, Rooms 1.25 & 1.26

Diemermere 25, 1112TC Diemen (Amsterdam)

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Gastsprekers Yacht Most Data: Machine learning with ABN AMRO & Braincreators

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Matthijs van Dorth

Data Scientist at ABN AMRO

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Maarten Stol

Founder at Braincreators

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Joey Winter

Community Manager - Amsterdam

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