dinsdag 20 november 2018

Learn how to create your very own Virtual Reality app

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Gehost door Mark van Dommelen

Community Manager Most Dev

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Have you ever met someone so enthused about Virtual Reality that you could listen for hours? If you haven’t, you’re in luck. On Tuesday, November the 20th, Ruben will not only talk about his passion, he will share his knowledge with you. In a few hours you will create your own VR app.

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For you to build your app you should bring with you:

  • A working laptop. Don’t forget to bring your charger!
  • A working smartphone: Android, iOS or Windows.
  • Knowledge of Javascript will help for building the VR app, but if you know how to write HTML, you’re good as well.


15:45   Walk-in and have a bite to eat
16:20   Start of presentation 
16:25   What you should know about VR
16:45   Let’s start building your own apps
19:00   Stop building… Already!? Yep, time flies. Let’s have a drink and play with some gadgets

Tijd en locatie

Dinsdag 20 nov, 2018

15:45 tot 19:00

Yacht Utrecht

Reactorweg 47, 3542 AD, Utrecht

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Mark van Dommelen

Community Manager - Eindhoven

+31 6 83800059

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