dinsdag 14 mei 2019

The Hyperloop Dream Team TU Delft

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Gehost door Peter Groeneveld

Recruitment Consultant Engineering

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Are you interested to learn more about the futurized transport system The Hyperloop? Yacht is organizing a Knowledge Session. This time we invited The Hyperloop Dream Team TU Delft to give a presentation.

The Event is a unique opportunity to find out more about this futuristic (or realistic?) Transport system. In addition to Musk's vision of this 5th
transport system in the world, the objective of the annual competition and the developments that result from this, extensive consideration is given to the approach of this team and the technical improvements of this capsule. Is hyperloop worth the hype? Come to this knowledge Session and judge for yourself!

From Amsterdam to Paris in 30 minutes

Engineer Elon Musk presented the idea of a vacuum train, the hyperloop, back in 2012. Since then a joint team consisting of Musk's companies Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company have been working on the development of this new way to travel. In addition to that they introduced a Hyperloop Pod Competition in 2015, which challenges student teams and companies to build their own pod. The winner is the team that manages to achieve the highest speed on a 1.2-kilometre track.

Delft Hyperloop is a team of forty motivated students attending the University of Technology of Delft (TU Delft) who study the feasibility of the hyperloop system and create a pod to participate in the competition during a six-month period. The current team already passed the first tests and is selected for the final round this summer in Los Angeles, USA. Join the meet up and learn everything about their success.


5 pm - 5.30 pm        : Walk-in with sandwiches
5.30 pm - 5.45 pm   : Welcome speech
5.45 pm - 7 pm        : Hyperloop dream team
7 pm - 8 pm             : Drinks

Tijd en locatie

Dinsdag 14 mei, 2019

17:00  tot  20:00

Yacht Eindhoven

High Tech Campus 32, 5656 AE Eindhoven

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